We support the development of promising business projects

We invest in companies able to meet the needs of people through innovative and scalable solutions, with high technological content and a global vision.
We support managers who aim at improving the quality, accessibility and sustainability of products and services through projects with a social impact both in Italy and worldwide.
We provide companies with our expertise because we believe in innovation, change, and synergies with a long-term vision.

Our aim is to invest in growing and successful businesses, in:

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Consumer Sector


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Real Estate

We invest in the purchase of real estate with an eye both to short term profits and future development. We are interested in buying estates in order to improve them and transform them into new low-impact and eco-friendly dwellings, such as student housings or buildings with different purposes.

Start-Up & Middle Size

We support small and medium-sized companies standing out for their innovative ideas and adding value to the community through sustainable, environmentally conscious businesses. We follow them in all the stages of their development, providing them with our services and resources. We invest in innovative solutions to the actual problems of people, communities and territories.

Impact Investment

Today, impact investing – that is, responsible investment – is considered a fast-growing sector. With this in mind, we support projects that aim to fulfill social and environmental needs. We invest in business projects able to create value not only for our shareholders, but for the whole society.

Are you looking for funding?

We are looking for start-up and middle-sized company managers, real estate projects and impact investment operations to start successful and long-lasting partnerships.

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