Eagle Foundation

We support the development of business projects of long term-value

The Eagle foundation was born from the desire of the Eagle Capital Ventures society to be able to develop in the social field projects and initiatives that contribute in a positive way to people’s develop both nationally and internationally especially:

Activate initiatives

Activate ongoing initiatives for those coming from situations of hardship, minorities, women and young people to live a dignified and free life, helping in particular the growth of entrepreneurship, training and social

Facilitate the inclusion

To facilitate the inclusion in the job market, the education and vocational training, the start-up of entrepreneurial activities of these subjects and generally provide any support that makes possible the removal of obstacles to a real equality

Organise and develop

Organise and develop cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest, including activities,of publishing, promotion and dissemination of culture

Read the statute of the Eagle Foundation (Italian)

If you have projects that you believe
fall within these purposes

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